Funeral March Neuchâtel - update

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Urgent needs
For the Funeral March Neuchâtel (25. - 31. July) we are looking for a cameraman, a photographer and a cutter. Join the trip and gain a valuable experience in a spectacular project.

Creative Contributors, so far
has drawn the illustration of the funeral march for the advertisement in KOLT Magazine (see below).
(psychedelic lightshow) will illuminate the tail fin during the hole trip. (video portrait and poll, soon)
Lia Sells Fish
will sing in Solothurn, 29. July.
Claudia Waldner
has invited the local creative scene to organises the spectacle in Aarau. (video portrait and poll, soon)

Sponsors, so far
Striker Beer
donates beer. To disburden the marching crew, they will deliver beer to all the cities. In addition, they kindly offered to do the media work for the Funeral March Neuchâtel. Matter of expense approx. $5'000.
(OK for you? see poll)
KOLT (Kultur Agenda Olten) has designed the advertisement and donates its placement in the print magazine. Matter of expense approx. $1300.
Red Bull has offered dozens of cans to give energy to those who do not drink beer. And specially to those who drink beer.
Donations by new members and community approx. $500.

Thanks for all your support. Hang in there!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Illustration of the Funeral March Neuchâtel by Pimpmaster16