Art Basel 2011: Marks Blond feat. Bury the Jumbo

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Dieser Blog in deutsch.

BTJ featured by Marks Blond Project R.f.z.K is invited by ARTACHMENT to liven a space (namely a KIOSK) during Art Basel 2011. We offer two models:

Date: 16.06.2011

Place: Kaserne, Basel 

Model One: Coffin

Illustration of the coffin: Häne, Bury, Silvana, Captain, Frances, Pimpmaster16

BTJ is building a coffin made ​​of wood: length: 15 meters, height: 3 meters, width: 5 meters
At the rear of the coffin
the tail fin protrudes out. Thus, a jumbo in a coffin.

Action: This coffin is carried through Basel during the Funeral March Art Basel. For that we need about 20 people who carry it.
After the proession the coffin serves as a space which can be accessed via a ladder. The room is used for exhibition, for documentation of the BTJ actions etc. Also, specifically for this action created art works and performances can be shown.

The KIOSK is lighted by dozens of candles. At the KIOSK people can get candles, place them around the coffin and make a wish.

Estimated production costs: CHF 5'000 .-

Model Two: Grave wreath

Illustration of the grave wreath

BTJ is building a giant grave wreath. Diameter 5 - 6 meters. A jumbo wreath, indeed!

Action: This wreath is carried through Basel during the Funeral March Art Basel. Poeple can get flowers and plug them to the wreath including a personal message. Thus, we integrate the audience into the artwork. With the wreath, we create a symbol which can be understood in assotiation to the entire art world.

The KIOSK functions as flower shop (Blond Blumen) filled by hundreds of flowers. Poeple can get these flowers to plug them to the wreath before the Funeral March.

Estimated production costs: CHF 3'000 .-

Of course, we invite our sympathizers and artists in both variants to design and to develop these basic ideas.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!